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Sayhisongs/Here Comes Santa Claus.swf 1.7 MB
Sayhisongs/The mulberry bush.swf 1.2 MB
Sayhisongs/Rudolph Reindeer.swf 1011 KB
Sayhisongs/If you're happy and you know it.swf 1004 KB
Sayhisongs/It's a small world.swf 979 KB
Sayhisongs/Old MacDonald.swf 961 KB
Sayhisongs/We Wish You a Merry Christmas.swf 909 KB
Sayhisongs/Jingle Bell.swf 790 KB
Sayhisongs/Yankee Doodle.swf 759 KB
Sayhisongs/Head Shoulder Knees.swf 757 KB
Sayhisongs/London Bridge.swf 753 KB
Sayhisongs/Buffalo Gal.swf 693 KB
Sayhisongs/Susanna.swf 666 KB
Sayhisongs/The Alphabet Song.swf 653 KB
Sayhisongs/Bingo.swf 620 KB
Sayhisongs/Little Peter Rabbit.swf 591 KB
Sayhisongs/Hickory Dickory Dock.swf 590 KB
Sayhisongs/The farmer in the dell.swf 567 KB
Sayhisongs/Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.swf 526 KB
Sayhisongs/The Muffin Man.swf 509 KB
Sayhisongs/My hand on my head.swf 505 KB
Sayhisongs/Mary Had a Little Lamb.swf 491 KB
Sayhisongs/Five Little Pumpkin.swf 482 KB
Sayhisongs/Little Bo peep.swf 439 KB
Sayhisongs/Itsy Bitsy Spider.swf 437 KB
Sayhisongs/Oh Mr.Sun.swf 419 KB
Sayhisongs/Row Row Row Your Boat.swf 417 KB
Sayhisongs/Fiddle De Dee.swf 407 KB
Sayhisongs/Humpty Dumpty.swf 395 KB
Sayhisongs/Lazy Mary.swf 371 KB
Sayhisongs/Skidamarink.swf 369 KB
Sayhisongs/Rain.swf 352 KB
Sayhisongs/Happy Birthday To You.swf 332 KB
Sayhisongs/Rub a dub dub.swf 296 KB
Sayhisongs/Ten Little Indian Boys.swf 277 KB
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